Do Sofa Beds Come Assembled? Your Ultimate Guide

When you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture like a sofa bed, one question often arises: Do sofa beds come assembled? In this guide, we’ll explore the answer to that query and offer step-by-step instructions for assembling one, should the need arise.

Do Sofa Beds Come Assembled
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Do Sofa Beds Come Assembled: The Straight Answer

The answer to the question “Do sofa beds come assembled?” varies. Many traditional sofa beds do come pre-assembled, especially those purchased from brick-and-mortar furniture stores. However, flat-pack or online-ordered sofa beds often require assembly.

Reasons Why Some Sofa Beds Don’t Come Assembled

  • Shipping Costs: Flat-packed furniture reduces shipping volume and cost.
  • Maneuverability: It’s easier to move unassembled pieces into tight spaces.
  • Customization: Some modular sofa beds allow you to choose your configuration.

Step-by-Step Sofa Bed Assembly Guide

If you find that your sofa bed doesn’t come assembled, don’t worry. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you get through the assembly process.

1. Unbox All Components

Open the box and carefully remove all the parts. Check against the manual to make sure you have all the pieces needed for assembly.

2. Gather Tools

You will likely need a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver, and an Allen wrench. Some sofa beds come with necessary tools included.

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3. Read Instructions

Before starting, read through the assembly manual to get an understanding of the steps ahead.

4. Attach Frame Pieces

Start by connecting the major frame components. Usually, this involves securing side arms to the sofa base using screws and bolts.

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5. Install the Pull-Out Mechanism

Insert the pull-out bed frame into the sofa structure. Secure it with screws as per the manual.

6. Attach the Cushions

Finally, attach cushions and covers as instructed. This usually involves zippers or Velcro straps.

7. Test

Once everything is secured, test the pull-out mechanism to make sure it operates smoothly.

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