How to Clean Suede Sofa — Getting Rid of 4 Common Stains

how to clean suede sofa
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Do you have a suede sofa? Has it gotten messy and dirty that it needs cleaning? Do you want to know how to clean suede sofa in the proper way to avoid damage to your furniture? If your answers are all yes, then this article is just for you.

Suede sofas are elegant pieces of furniture that enhance the aesthetic design of your home. Because of the suede material used to make this furniture, they can be somewhat expensive. Therefore, maintaining a suede sofa is of utmost importance to many: And one way to do so is to clean it properly.

Cleaning suede sofas has been assumed by many to be a bit tricky and difficult. While this is not entirely true, suede sofas require a bit more care than when you clean other kinds of sofa.

But before we show you how to clean your suede sofa, there are a few things we must discuss first.

What is a Suede Sofa?

A suede sofa is a sofa made from a suede material which is soft and flexible leather with a napped finish gotten from any animal skin’s underside. It has a fuzzy and warm texture.

Suede is used to make furniture, clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

Getting Rid Of Suede Sofa Stains

Proper maintenance is necessary to keep your suede sofa looking exceptional. However, we all know accidents happen and your lovely sofa could get messed up from drink spills, food droppings, etc.

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How do you get rid of such stains when they occur? You’ll find the answer below.

Getting rid of dry stains

Items you will need

i. Suede brush

ii. A suede eraser or Brown gum eraser

iii. Sandpaper (sometimes)

iv. Suede napping brush

Follow the steps below to get rid of dry stains on your suede sofa.

i. Gently brush the stain using a suede brush to get rid of loose dirt.

ii. Get rid of the stain completely with a suede eraser or you can use a brown gum eraser.

iii. In the event the stain proves to be stubborn after step 2, use a little sandpaper to gently rub the stain. Make sure you rub and not scrub to prevent damage to the suede material.

iv. After removing the stain, restore the suede fabric using a suede napping brush.

Getting rid of spills and wet stains

Items you will need

i. Clean rag

ii. Seuede cleaner or white vinegar

iii. Suede napping brush

Below you’ll find steps that will show you how to get rid of spills and wet stains on a suede sofa.

i. Dampen a clean rag with suede cleaner. If you don’t have a suede cleaner, you can use white vinegar.

ii. Rub the stain gently with the damp cloth in a criss-cross or gentle circular motions.

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iii. Polish the previously stained area with a suede cloth after it dries. You can also brush it using a suede napping brush.

Tip: Always clean spills and wet stains immediately they happen.

The right way to brush your suede sofa

Yes, there is a wrong and right way to brush your suede sofa which will end up damaging rather than cleaning it.

We mentioned it passively above, but you can only clean your suede sofas in two ways: Criss-cross and gentle circular motions. These motions will effectively rid your sofa of stains.

Do not use sweeping motions as it will only end up flattening the sofa nap and leaving the dirt trapped.

Getting rid of grease stains

Items you will need

i. Talcum powder or cornstarch

ii. A suede brush or vacuum cleaner

iii. A suede eraser or brown gum eraser

If for any reason your suede sofa gets grease stain, don’t panic; it is not the end of the world. Use the easy method below to get rid of such a stain.

i. Put talcum powder (you can use cornstarch if you don’t have talcum powder) on the grease. Allow it to remain on the stain overnight.  

ii. During the night, the oil in the stain will be absorbed by the powder.

iii. Brush off the powder the next morning. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the powder.

iv. Get rid of any remaining stain with a suede eraser or brown gum eraser.

v. Depending on how thick the stain is; the above steps can be repeated twice or thrice to completely get rid of the stains.

Getting rid of bloodstains

Items you will need

i. Soap and warm water mixture

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ii. Clean foam sponge

iii. Soft clean rag

Bloodstains can be more difficult to get rid of than the others we’ve discussed. This doesn’t mean they can’t be removed. Following the steps below, such tough blood stains can be removed.

i. Create a mixture of soap and warm water. Make sure there are enough bubbles in the mixture.

ii. Rub the bloodstain gently with a clean foam sponge. Do this in a small circular motion; this will prevent the stain from spreading.

iii. Use a soft clean rag to clean the area to dryness.

Watch the video below for a visual demonstration of how to clean your suede sofa.

Final Words

And that’s how you can clean and maintain your suede sofa. The interesting thing is that you can use the steps and tips above to clean any other suede products.

If you have further questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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